The world was supposed to end. But we were just starting off.

I was eating some yummy chicken legs when they came up with the name. It was at Cafe Lila, I think.


Beard Design was founded in 2012 as an experiment to create a prototype of a modern design studio. What would a design studio of the 21st century look like? Who would it work with? What kind of work would it produce? How would it evolve?

Look through our website to see some early results of this experiment.‚Äč

We work with our hands. 
And our mind.

Most of our work involves equal parts craftsmanship and strategy. We believe that good ideas are born in the mind, but are given life by the hand. We cherish the joys of creating and crafting, of seeing our work come alive.

Ideas without execution chops are just hot air. Execution without ideas is just labor.

We are not an agency.

There is nothing wrong with agencies and there are many wonderful ones around. But over the years, the word "agency" has come to mean things we are not. We don't pitch for work. Ever. We believe it is a privilege for a client to work with us, just as it is a privilege for us to work with the client. We don't do "options" (only "Futures").

The inner workings of a design studio (atleast us) are very different from an "agency". And therefore, when a client refers to us as an "agency", we feel compelled to correct them. It's almost like referring to a Darwinian as a creationist.

Ideas without execution chops are just hot air. Execution without ideas is just labor   

We believe in hardwork. 
And the green fairy.

We work very hard. We put our heart and soul into our work. That is why it is very important for us to love the projects we take up. And to work with people we like. We believe that is the only way to work. There are no half measure. Each one of us takes personal pride in what we ship, every pixel of it.

We try to kill the status quo. Every day.

It keeps reincarnating and we keep battling it. It's a virtuous cycle. Today's cutting edge work is tomorrow's status quo. And the battle continues.

In existentialist moments, when we ask ourselves "what is the purpose of life?", the answer usually is "to battle the status quo".

Most importantly, we believe that red velvet cup-cakes are the best thing ever.


We are Global

Over the last 5 years, we've worked with 180+ Clients, across 30 Cities, 12 Countries, 10 Time Zones and 4 Continents.


Our workplace. Dogs. And more.