Beard Design: Year in Review 2016

A Year of Change. We moved cities and that took up so much time.

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A collection of the Best Year in Review pages from 2016.

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All Fools

A collection of the coolest 2016 April Fool Pranks from Brands around the World

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Bocoin is the world's first cryptocurrency based on digging by dogs.

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Beard Design: Year in Review 2015

Our best year in every way. See the Highlights.

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A collection of the Best Year in Review pages from 2015.

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Chat with Bodoni

There's so much she wanted to say, but we understood so little...

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High-quality free stock photos for designers, curated and tagged by designers.

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Match for Bodoni

A prank website we made for April Fool's day in 2014, looking for a suitable mate for our dog, Bodoni.

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The beautiful website of the annual kite flying festival we organize on January 14.

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What we did in 2013

A beautiful narrative summary of everything we did in 2013: Projects, Parties, Side-projects, talks, events...

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of Goa

An initiative to document the Indo-Portuguese architecture of Goa through beautiful flat, vector illustrations.

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What about 1984?

An experiment to beautifully present an incisively written opinion piece by Mukul Keswan.

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Iconomic Meltdown

A marathon 24 hours event series that we organize in different cities, to get designers together and make icons with Indian themes and aesthetics.

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Bid for Bodoni

A prank website we made for April Fool's day in 2013, where users could bid for and buy Bodoni. Each bid would instantly be doubled by a member of our team.

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Turning 2

A Short video we shot at a Hair Salon for PPT Salon's second anniversary.

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Turning 1

A stop motion video we made for PPT Salon's first anniversary

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