Identity + Visual Language for Beer


Simba is a beer brand by one of the largest brewery in the country, that manufactures a large part of the beer made in the country.


They approached us to help them build Simba into a major, national brand to compete with the market leaders like Kingfisher, Tuborg and Haywards. And to build a brand that could straddle the mass and the craft beers market.


Our work on Simba started with developing the Brand Positioning of “The Alpha-Beer”. This was born out of market research that indicated that most beer brands in India are not very strongly positioned and live in the vague “friends and partying” category.


We defined Simba as a brand that has strong masculine characteristics. We positioned it as an individual choice that defines the consumer, rather than vague allusions to partying and fun that other brands prefer. The raw masculinity of Simba was balanced with a cool sophistication of a confident man. A Lion in Savile Row suits!


We translated this strong positioning into a brand mascot (Simba), a custom typemark and a bold visual language that defined the illustration style, color palettes, brand typography, layout styles, icons etc…


The mascot, Simba is a personification of the brand’s “Alpha Beer” positioning and the “raw sophistication” character. It works beautifully with a custom designed typemark with a distinct rawness in the alphabets.


The brand and the visual language was then applied to the product packaging, advertising campaigns (print, outdoor and digital), social media and on-ground promotions such as signages, tent cards, coasters, beer glasses, brand swag etc…


Within 2 weeks of launch in it’s home market of Chattisgarh, the brand acquired more than 15% market share in a highly competitive market.


Monkeys and Birds, beware! The lion is here.
(Couldn’t resist that!)